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Inspiration: Time as Money

One thing I have learned over my years of freelancing is the value of the saying “time is money.” Sure it’s cliché and overused, but opportunity cost is something very few people keep front of mind and ensure they are doing their best to be aware of. Wasted time is wasted money.

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ISS Conversation

If you ask me, this is what Twitter was made for; an awesome conversation between Commander Hadfield of the International Space Station, William Shatner, Buzz Aldrin, Wil Wheaton and Leonard Nimoy!

[View the story “ISS Conversation” on Storify]

ISS Conversation

Amazing Twitter conversation between Commander Hadfield, William Shatner, Buzz Aldrin, Wil Wheaton and Leonard Nimoy!

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Sands of the Sahara – starkly beautiful, a harshly serene and unmistakable part of the Earth’s skin. Just stunning. Hadfield
@Cmdr_Hadfield Are you tweeting from space? MBBWilliam Shatner
@WilliamShatner Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain. And we’re detecting signs of life on the surface.Chris Hadfield
I’m proud of being Canadian, but after yesterday’s twitter conversation am starting to question wearing this red shirt. Hadfield
With @GeorgeTakei posting about our space comms, all we need is @TheRealNimoy to beam in and we’d have an away team! 🙂 Hadfield
@Cmdr_Hadfield @WilliamShatner Neil & I would’ve tweeted from the moon if we could have but I would prefer to tweet from Mars. Maybe by 2040Buzz Aldrin
@Cmdr_Hadfield If you get into trouble with Nanites while you’re in orbit, I know a guy who can help you contain them. He has experience.Wil Wheaton
@wilw Wesley, we’ve talked about you being on the bridge. I believe you’re needed in Engineering. :)Chris Hadfield
@Cmdr_Hadfield. LLAPLeonard Nimoy
I am not Spock either, but living and working in this spaceship comes pretty close. Life mirrors art. LLAP, @therealNimoy.Chris Hadfield
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How It Feels to Be an Entrepreneur

This quote really sums up how I feel about building new products, dreaming up ideas and creating something from nothing. Still one of my favorite quotes to this day.

“Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible.”

T.E. Lawrence

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The Charlie Day Chronicles (Part 1)

So yesterday morning my sister-in-law took off on a much needed weekend away and I volunteered both my time and my olfactory senses to babysitting my niece. Before I start writing about how the day goes I should make it pretty clear that my niece is a pretty easy baby to take care of. In fact, I’ve only seen her actually cry or get upset one or two times, so this *should* be a piece of cake.

8:30am – There is a kids show on TV which appears to be designed to limit a childs intelligence and keep them subdued. Charlie couldn’t care less and instead she is roaring at me like a dinosaur, pulling on my cheeks and making baby farts which put me into panic mode that my first shitty nappy has arrived.

8:31am – She is bored of roaring at me and now wants to go outside. We agree to check the mail which requires me to put shoes on her and let her walk up the driveway herself. Roaring continues somewhat along with turning towards the dog and waiving goodbye. Not sure she realises how short the driveway is.

8:46am – Back inside and I am making coffee. She is standing on the bench next to me and eating grapes. This is the kind of stuff guys do with kids that gets them in trouble with women. But since the coffee got made and heads stayed in tact I consider it a victory for men everywhere.

8:51am – I have coffee and Charlie is helping me with laundry. I am giving her stuff and asking her to put it places, which she complies with. While we’re having fun and she giggles every time she puts a pillow case in the hamper I can’t help but feel like I am training her like a Golden Retreiver.

9:08am – I’ve been drinking coffee for a while now and Charlie has been running from room to room picking up whatever she can. She grumbles a little bit and it’s obvious that I am about to change my first nappy. “Please no dookie,” I think to myself as I reveal little more than a wet nappy and get her changed and ready for her nap time.

9:43am – It’s nap time now. Charlie is slightly grumpy and sulky so I give her water and put her in the cot. She falls asleep within minutes and I take the time to have a shower and take care of some stuff around the house.

11:04am – Charlie has been asleep for over an hour and I’ve done all the housework I wanted to do. Now tempted to wake her up, but I have a gut feeling that every minute more she sleeps is another poop free minute.

11:51am – Charlie wakes up with a deuce that could drop a bear. Finds it hilarious as I gag while changing my first nappy with a twosie in it.

12:05pm – Lunch time. Charlie says I need to keep my hands off the spoon and I watch her feed herself spaghetti and some kind of tasteless fruit salad puree. Somehow even with this lunch presenting itself I find a way to eat something even more boring.

1:04pm – She’s full of spaghetti, fruit salad and grapes and intent on wrecking the joint. I decide to put her in her high chair and put on a concert for her. Guitar is out and if anyone saw me I’d be locked away.

1:23pm – Concert is over and Charlie is a little grumpy and tripping over her own feet. We play outside on the grass for a bit and get a tiny bit of sun before we watch some cricket together.

1:56pm – Second nap. Charlie is a wreck and just drooled on my face and then laughed at me. Not sure if she is being cute now or just mean spirited. She’s off for a nap and I am going to play some video games.

1:59pm – I fall asleep on the couch. Not much to tell although had a weird dream about insects.

3:23pm – I wake up to Charlie shouting out for attention but not crying. She’s laughing at me again and my self esteem is dipping by the minute. We watch some more cricket and the home stretch is over.

Lessons learned: Every kid has a “thing” – Charlies thing seems to be stuffing her fist in my mouth and laughing at me when I wretch at the smells she makes. Also, bribery is great, kids totally behave more when they have food in their mouth, thank god Charlie can be bribed with grapes and blueberries.

Part 2 tomorrow.

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Inspiration and Motivation

Those who are friends with me on Facebook or Twitter are probably sick of status updates and tweets describing how happy, motivated and content I am. I must admit that it’s been a bit out of hand, but the fact is that it’s the truth and right now I feel super focused and happy.

After the last 15 months of working at home a few things have changed in my life. I’ve been afforded to work from different locations which is heaps of fun, I’ve been more productive and written more code than I ever thought possible, and my focus levels on work have been sky high. There has also been a couple of counter-effects, the most notable being my health.

I am not an unhealthy person in any way. I eat well, I get a minumum amount of exercise and I take care of myself. But the truth is that I have gained a bit of a beer belly over the time of working remotely and efforts have begun to shake that nasty little bad boy.

The side-effect of my health/gym binge is that it’s motivating me in every area of my life. I am more focused when I work, my memory feels improved and most importantly I barely ever stop smiling. Of course it’s not just the health and fitness, I also have my muse back, but it certainly helps.

So today is my “before” shot. I’m not sharing this photo with anyone, but it somewhat captures where I am starting from just a few weeks into my fitness program. My aim isn’t to be a bodybuilder, but I hope that in a few months time I’ll be at a point where I am really happy with both my appearance and fitness.

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The End is the Beginning is the End

So today was my last day at We Are Hunted. After 15 months, 5 Spotify apps, 4 websites, several dozen API’s and more JavaScript than you could poke a stick at (not that I am sure why you’d want to), it’s all over.

Working at Hunted has taught me more about development than the rest of my career combined. In fact, you could throw uni on top of that and it still wouldn’t come close to the amount I have learned over that time. My programming skills have improved tenfold, but my product and UX skills have increased just as much.

It’s a sad day having to leave Hunted. In many respects it was the company I’ve always wanted to work for. Small, motivated, smart, agile, and most importantly, technically creative. Not many companies can claim to inspire their staff the way Hunted does; giving them the freedom to work on exciting projects, write code that will actually matter to people and do it in a way the engineer sees best.

As for now I am off to something else. It’s exciting, new, highly innovative but also a little top secret right now. Can’t wait to talk more about it!

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Kill Bill on Superman

I believe this is one of the best quotes ever about Superman.

As you know, I’m quite keen on comic books. Especially the ones about superheroes. I find the whole mythology surrounding superheroes fascinating.

Take my favorite superhero, Superman. Not a great comic book. Not particularly well-drawn. But the mythology… The mythology is not only great, it’s unique.

Now, a staple of the superhero mythology is, there’s the superhero and there’s the alter ego. Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, Spider-Man is actually Peter Parker. When that character wakes up in the morning, he’s Peter Parker. He has to put on a costume to become Spider-Man. And it is in that characteristic Superman stands alone.

Superman didn’t become Superman. Superman was born Superman. When Superman wakes up in the morning, he’s Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent. His outfit with the big red “S” – that’s the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him. Those are his clothes. What Kent wears – the glasses, the business suit – that’s the costume. That’s the costume Superman wears to blend in with us.

Clark Kent is how Superman views us. And what are the characteristics of Clark Kent? He’s weak… He’s unsure of himself… He’s a coward.

Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the whole human race.

– Bill’s Superman speech from Kill Bill

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The Newsroom

Note: After a few days in transit, unpacking etc. it’s back to normal (daily) viewing.

So the other day I loaded my iPad with some new kick-ass content and started watching. I watched some popular programs and then I watched something I wouldn’t normally watch – a pseudo-political drama called The Newsroom.

This show is amazing, but mostly I wanted to point out the opening speech. A speech where the fictional star of the show points out inadequacies in America (inadequacies a lot of countries share, including Australia) and states some truths.

Hopefully over some new blog posts I will explore this, but it’s extremely important to remember one thing. He doesn’t, and nor do I, hate the country he is talking about. In fact, it’s the love for his country that he feels compelled to say it and offer a star to steer the ship by.


It’s not the greatest country in the world, professor, that’s my answer. […]

Sharon, the NEA is a loser. Yeah, it accounts for a penny out of our paychecks, but he gets to hit you with it anytime he wants. It doesn’t cost money, it costs votes. It costs airtime and column inches. You know why people don’t like liberals? Because they lose. If liberals are so fuckin’ smart, how come they lose so GODDAM ALWAYS!

And with a straight face, you’re going to tell students that America’s so starspangled awesome that we’re the only ones in the world who have freedom? Canada has freedom, Japan has freedom, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Belgium has freedom. Two hundred seven sovereign states in the world, like 180 of them have freedom.

And you — sorority girl — yeah, just in case you accidentally wander into a voting booth one day, there are some things you should know, and one of them is that there is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that we’re the greatest country in the world. We’re seventh in literacy, twenty-seventh in math, twenty-second in science, forty-ninth in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, third in median household income, number four in labor force, and number four in exports. We lead the world in only three categories: number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of adults who believe angels are real, and defence spending, where we spend more than the next twenty-six countries combined, twenty-five of whom are allies. None of this is the fault of a 20-year-old college student, but you, nonetheless, are without a doubt, a member of the worst-period-generation-period-ever-period, so when you ask what makes us the greatest country in the world, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about?! Yosemite?!!!

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