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“Fuck you. Pay me.” by Mike Monteiro

I recently had a friend and old freelance partner mention to me they were having long term issues getting paid by a client and sent them this video. Besides the humorous title it’s actually a really informative video on why you need a lawyer, good contracts and how to protect yourself in business relationships.

Disclaimer: This video is by no means any reflection on any of my amazing clients or my personal circumstances. I am being happily paid by all of my clients and delivering a constant stream of awesome work for said payment. I am merely sharing a video that is both awesome and informative.

iOS 7
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Upgrading to iOS 7 beta

So after reading this post on reddit this morning about upgrading to iOS 7 I thought I would share my experience in upgrading here.

  • Step 1: Download the appropriate update from iMZDL depending on your hardware. I used the torrent version and it downloaded very quickly.
  • Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad and launch iTunes.
  • Step 3: Option-Click on the Update button.
  • Step 4: Select the ipsw file you just downloaded and wait.

The upgrade took a few minutes to verify since I forgot I had a download running and it was slowing my internet connection down. After that the entire process took about 7 minutes from when my phone became unusable till the restart was done. All in all the process was super simple.

Just in case you need it… downgrade instructions are here.

Vitruvian Man
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Engineering The Alpha by @JohnRomaniello and @BornFitness – Week 2

So week 2 was similar to week 1 except that I had a cheat day. I don’t think this drastically helped or hindered in any obvious way, but things are still going along. I kept my workouts steady, logged everything on Fitocracy, counted my calories, but unfortunately no weight loss this week.

I think the biggest challenge I am facing at the moment is making the diet work inside a social lifestyle. My girlfriend and I enjoy cooking and eating together and missing out on breakfast and eating steak and greens for dinner while she enjoys pasta is a little tough. I think the challenge is more mental than physical, I still feel fine but just slightly frustrated by having to be so entirely strict with my routine.

All I can say is, I can’t wait for the cheat days to start in 2 weeks time!

15 Rules - Feature
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Engineering The Alpha by @JohnRomaniello and @BornFitness – Week 1

So I’ve been following the Engineering the Alpha program for a week now and so far so good. I’ve done intermittent fasting before so I’ve seen the results and also understand what I am getting into, but on top of that the workouts are completely different to my usual workouts so my body is responding awesomely.

This week I’ve eaten a ton of awesome food, performed awesome workouts, followed the 15 rules, and gotten some pretty killer results already. While I am waiting on calipers to arrive so that I can be more exact with my body fat percentage, I am pretty confident that it has dropped by at least 1% (not 1% of whole, 1% of lean body mass).

So what did the week look like? Basically it came down to eating quite a lot of fat, eating low calorie and very low carb and doing awesome workouts. By day 1 I was already seeing and feeling results in my body; from extra energy to weight on the scales, I was feeling great. So, the week 1 results look something like this.

Weight: 78.8kg (loss of of over 3kg)
Body fat: Now confirmed at 19%.

It’s important to not that during the phase that I am currently in everything is measured in fat loss and weight. There is currently no concern for increasing my strength or bulking up, those phases are later in the program. Having said that in just 7 days I’ve gone from crapping out at 6 chin-ups to being able to do 8 consecutive chin-ups. I am pretty damned happy about that!

The book itself is ultra realistic. It combines complex workouts with IF and works heavily on increasing a guys testosterone. The meal plans are simple, there are a ton of great foods to eat, the training is awesome and after 1 week I feel like a new person. My head is clear, I feel energized all day long, and I think the weight loss speaks for itself.

For those who wanna know more about Intermittent Fasting (IF) watch this video by author John Romaniello.

Engineering The Alpha
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Engineering The Alpha by @JohnRomaniello and @BornFitness

So for the last 6 months I’ve been working pretty hard on my fitness. I now cycle almost everywhere I go, I gym 2-3 days a week (sometimes more), I eat great and I try my hardest to take care of my food as well. An early experiment in Intermittent Fasting (IF) saw me get some great early weight loss, but mostly I’ve been doing it all blind and without much focus so my results have been mixed.

As the title suggests, a few weeks ago a book was released called “Engineering The Alpha,” by John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein. It kinda ties it all together. It takes an awesome, flexible approach to IF, combines it with foods that manipulates your hormones for maximum results and ties it together with a workout system designed specifically for the entire package.

After reading the book I was really excited to get a start on things. Previously the idea of meal planning or scheduling my life for fitness might have felt restrictive or annoying, but John and Adam write the book, and explain the science, in such a way that the increased understanding I have of why has me so much more focused on doing it and going nuts.

So, I kick it all off tomorrow. In the last 6 months I’ve lost a massive 17kgs, but I have a lot more to lose. My current stats…

Current Weight: 82kgs
Body Fat: 19% (approx)

… and beginning today I will do a weekly update every Sunday (Cheat Day).

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Why it’s awesome to be a nerd

I personally prefer the word “geek,” but I think Wil Wheaton really nails it as to why it’s so awesome to be a nerd. The only problem is that I love so many geeky things I don’t know what type of nerd I am. #firstworldproblems

Twitter Music
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Twitter Music Launches

So Twitter Music launched today, which is something very close to my heart. For those who don’t know, Twitter Music was born out of We Are Hunted, a company I used to work for.

First impressions
The design is awesome. It’s not as minimalist as We Are Hunted was and lacks some of the cooler things like sideward scrolling, but it looks really nice. The app and the site match extremely well and the experience so far has been really smooth.

On first run I got some pretty average recommendations. I am going to put this down to a lack of data since I don’t heavily tweet about the tracks I am listening to, but I will change that in the future (see below).

Getting the most out of it
First of all, if you want good recommendations and want to get the most out of the service you need to train it. Like all services that revolve around data, if it doesn’t know something it has to guess, so if you want good recommendations try to post as many #NowPlaying / #np links as possible. An easy way to do this is to check out my IFTTT recipes and automate the posting from Soundcloud / to Twitter.

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Power Eating: Tamagodon

I’ve recently fallen in love with a great dish that I’ve been eating a stack of and I wanted to share the recipe.


My Changes:

  1. I use brown rice instead – much better for you!
  2. Use shallots, not onion. It’s just better.
  3. Boil your rice before you plan on cooking the meal and cool it in the fridge. This makes the rice far less “gluggy” when it is finished. Even an hour is fine.
  4. One less egg – there is just a bit too much egg in the recipe.
  5. Put this on top!
  6. Add plenty of wasabi and soy sauce.
  7. Great pre-gym meal but don’t eat too much as you might go into a carb-coma.

Special thanks to David Novakovic who got me hooked on this one, he makes it better though!

Retina Image Retention
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MacBook Pro with Retina Issues

So after several weeks with my MacBook Pro lid shut and using a $150 cheap external monitor for work I decided to resume my crusade to see if Apple will replace my MacBook Pro with Retina.

Currently the display has such bad image retention that the display is hard to use and the cheap external monitor I have is actually a far better display to work on.

The timeline for my issues are approximately as follows:

  • Sunday, August 19, 2012: Purchase of MacBook Pro with Retina. Finally did a big upgrade and went all-out, upgrading everything I could.
  • Friday, September 14, 2012: Visit Apple Store in Sydney to have my display tested. While Apple have no record of this, my good friend Nic attended the store with me and can attest to this. The display was deemed “fine” and I was told there was nothing to be done about it.
  • Wednesday, October 24, 2012: Wrote a letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.
  • Friday, October 26, 2012: Received a letter back from James Chang, Executive Relations at Apple. This began several weeks of phone calls, me writing a website to test (below) and providing proof by way of photos of the screen. I was told at this point that I would need to attend a store and my only option at this point would be to have the device repaired, even though I am a freelancer and this would mean several days without my only computer. At this point I gave up arguing with Apple.

My first forum post about the issues:

I bought a new MacBook Pro with Retina on August 20 (51 days ago) and I’ve just recently started noticing some pretty intense ghosting. Most notably when switching between apps with light backgrounds (text editors etc.) to apps with dark backgorunds (video/dashboard etc.).

Now after doing some reading around it seems like I am not the first person to have this issue. In fact, it seems quite well documented. My problem, however, is that I am a freelance web developer and I use my computer constantly for work — I absolutely cannot send it away for repair since this would mean losing a significant amount of income.

So what happened when you dealt with this? Or do you know anyone who has? I am reading a lot of mixed reports, hearsay and guessing so I’d love to hear some first-hand reports.

My follow up post:

A while ago I wrote this post about my brand new MacBook Pro with image retention and I have since spoken to apple and wanted to share my experiences.

Firstly I went to the Apple store for my appointment at the Genius Bar. I was greeted by a typical Apple store employ – someone cool and trendy with a moderate level of computer literacy. I described my problem and offered to show him the symptoms but he completely ignored me and proceed to insist we run an approved diagnostic (even though at the time my screen had my wallpaper pretty well burned into it after only a few minutes).

The diagnostic they run for this problem is pretty simple. They display a checkerboard of black and white for 3 minutes then fade to black. At this point the Apple Genius says to me, “can you see the grid?” My only reply was, “No.” I was then dismissed as the computer was not faulty and told to try the test again at home if I wished.

I was in a rush and not interested in making a scene, and also feeling kind of embarrassed so I left. That afternoon I proceeded to go home and replicate the test myself (I am a web developer and I was confident I understood how they had programmed the test) to see if there were any issues. I replicated it and still could not see an issue, even though the issue was still quite obvious. I then tweaked the test to fade to red, blue, grey and a variety of colors — all of these colors showed the issue in all it’s glory.

Point: Apple’s test is flawed and likely their choice to fade the grid to black is a way of reducing the image retention. At this point I feel kind of scammed.

At this point I depart the city I am in and I am now over 300 miles from the nearest Apple Genius Bar so I proceed to write Apple an email. I do something I would never normally do and write it directly to Tim Cook and pray, only to receive an email a few days later. I discussed the problem at length, provided then with photographic evidence and provided them with the code for the test, but they were not satisfied. My screen did now qualify for repair unless it failed their flawed test.

So while I am still in the process of pursuing this I thought I might provide a small update to you all and also provide a link to my test and code should anyone wish to try it themselves and see what they find. I would be very interested if anyone else finds this test shows up flaws in their screen.

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