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Changing Habits

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’d know that I began working out at the gym a few weeks ago. As of yesterday I started a program which I have previously used successfully, and as of today I am only on day 2. But, the good news is, I feel great.

After my holiday late last year to Thailand I returned with some photos of a variety of activities. Most of the photos were pretty standard holiday shots, but one particular shot showed me looking rather ravaged from the last 12 months of not exercising. It was time for a change.

The hardest part about a diet and workout program isn’t the food – if you find that’s the case I suggest you find a better program with a better focus on food. It’s also not the workouts – you can start anywhere and as long as you do the work you’ll see results.

It’s the habits.

The hardest thing about any change in life is starting new habits, reinforcing them daily, and ensuring that you don’t change them and make them easier on yourself. I’ve done it before, I plan to do it again, and I hope this time to keep them indefinitely.

So, here are some of the habits I plan on creating over the coming weeks:

  • Out of bed early each day, no later than 7am,
  • Less coffee, one coffee per day,
  • More water, ensuring I get 3L a day,
  • 4 gym sessions per week. But likewise, make the most of enjoying rest days, and;
  • A return to cycling when the weather cools.

Many of these habits are quite simple. The water and cycling are super easy changes since they’re things I enjoy anyway. Getting out of bed can be tough – working from home means I can wake up minutes before work starts, so making sure I don’t is important. And the gym sessions are hard, but I’ve been warming up to it the last few weeks and I am finally well into my program.

So here I am on Day 2, I’ve just had my daily coffee and I’ve already drank 1L of water. I am dressed in my gym gear, I’ve put my workouts into Fitocracy, and I ready to roll!