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Bill Nye debates Ken Ham: Bing Bang vs Creationism

(Note: Skip to 12-13m mark for the start)

One thing to remember when watching this debate is that it’s not science vs. religion, it’s big bang theory vs. creationism. There are plenty of Christians who don’t subscribe to creationism and plenty of scientists who believe in it.

Having said that, Ken Ham is a nutjob. I would have to say his weakest argument in the entire debate went something like this.

  1. There have been dinosaurs found with brain tumors.
  2. “We know” that man caused everything bad with original sin.
  3. Therefor, we must conclude that dinosaurs existed after original sin.

So, to sum up, we know creationism has to be true since the bible which describes the very thing we’re trying to debate is assumed to be true. Uh, Ken… No! Just no…