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New Years Revolutions

Firstly, no grief over the title, it’s meant to be revolutions…

So 2013 rocked and I achieved a lot, but I also failed a lot. I got motivated and lost a ton of weight, then put some back on. My work to benefit ratio was far too high and there were some lessons learned.

So to ensure 2014 is a better year, here are my New Years Revolutions!


  1. Make more time to do the things I love. This means sleeping early enough to get up before work and have time with Steph and also making time for games and gaming.
  2. Read 5 good books. I have never been a huge reader unless the book is a textbook, but this year I am going to read 5 good books. This does not include re-reading anything, graphic novels or other comics.
  3. Removing bad language from my vocabulary as much as possible. I feel like some days I swear a bit much and I want to be a more positive influence on my niece and others.


  1. Sort out a standard freelance contract, stick to it and enforce it.
  2. Work to a standard set of weekly hours, work hard in those hours and try my best not to go over them to ensure I have time for other projects.
  3. Finish Secret Project #1™ and Secret Project #2™.

Health & Fitness

  1. Engineering the Alpha – restart this program and finish it. All 16 weeks, but possibly a bit longer to make time for longer cuts.
  2. Gym – pure and simple, this is a minimum of twice a week, with an optimum of 4 times a week.
  3. Beer – beer is out of limits for 2014 with the only exception that when I am in a bar in a social situation (which is rare) I will have a couple.
  4. Food – cheat days only as permitted by point 1 and only a few exceptions out of this.
  5. Alcohol – generally dropping my alcohol intake. It was good, it’s been a little worse during silly season, but I want to lower this substantially.
  6. Sugar – limit my soda to very rare occasions and drop it almost entirely from my diet, same goes with energy drinks which I can be far too find of..