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Engineering The Alpha by @JohnRomaniello and @BornFitness – Week 2

So week 2 was similar to week 1 except that I had a cheat day. I don’t think this drastically helped or hindered in any obvious way, but things are still going along. I kept my workouts steady, logged everything on Fitocracy, counted my calories, but unfortunately no weight loss this week.

I think the biggest challenge I am facing at the moment is making the diet work inside a social lifestyle. My girlfriend and I enjoy cooking and eating together and missing out on breakfast and eating steak and greens for dinner while she enjoys pasta is a little tough. I think the challenge is more mental than physical, I still feel fine but just slightly frustrated by having to be so entirely strict with my routine.

All I can say is, I can’t wait for the cheat days to start in 2 weeks time!