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Engineering The Alpha by @JohnRomaniello and @BornFitness – Week 1

So I’ve been following the Engineering the Alpha program for a week now and so far so good. I’ve done intermittent fasting before so I’ve seen the results and also understand what I am getting into, but on top of that the workouts are completely different to my usual workouts so my body is responding awesomely.

This week I’ve eaten a ton of awesome food, performed awesome workouts, followed the 15 rules, and gotten some pretty killer results already. While I am waiting on calipers to arrive so that I can be more exact with my body fat percentage, I am pretty confident that it has dropped by at least 1% (not 1% of whole, 1% of lean body mass).

So what did the week look like? Basically it came down to eating quite a lot of fat, eating low calorie and very low carb and doing awesome workouts. By day 1 I was already seeing and feeling results in my body; from extra energy to weight on the scales, I was feeling great. So, the week 1 results look something like this.

Weight: 78.8kg (loss of of over 3kg)
Body fat: Now confirmed at 19%.

It’s important to not that during the phase that I am currently in everything is measured in fat loss and weight. There is currently no concern for increasing my strength or bulking up, those phases are later in the program. Having said that in just 7 days I’ve gone from crapping out at 6 chin-ups to being able to do 8 consecutive chin-ups. I am pretty damned happy about that!

The book itself is ultra realistic. It combines complex workouts with IF and works heavily on increasing a guys testosterone. The meal plans are simple, there are a ton of great foods to eat, the training is awesome and after 1 week I feel like a new person. My head is clear, I feel energized all day long, and I think the weight loss speaks for itself.

For those who wanna know more about Intermittent Fasting (IF) watch this video by author John Romaniello.