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Power Eating: Tamagodon

I’ve recently fallen in love with a great dish that I’ve been eating a stack of and I wanted to share the recipe.


My Changes:

  1. I use brown rice instead – much better for you!
  2. Use shallots, not onion. It’s just better.
  3. Boil your rice before you plan on cooking the meal and cool it in the fridge. This makes the rice far less “gluggy” when it is finished. Even an hour is fine.
  4. One less egg – there is just a bit too much egg in the recipe.
  5. Put this on top!
  6. Add plenty of wasabi and soy sauce.
  7. Great pre-gym meal but don’t eat too much as you might go into a carb-coma.

Special thanks to David Novakovic who got me hooked on this one, he makes it better though!