Posted on November 9, 2012 by

The End is the Beginning is the End

So today was my last day at We Are Hunted. After 15 months, 5 Spotify apps, 4 websites, several dozen API’s and more JavaScript than you could poke a stick at (not that I am sure why you’d want to), it’s all over.

Working at Hunted has taught me more about development than the rest of my career combined. In fact, you could throw uni on top of that and it still wouldn’t come close to the amount I have learned over that time. My programming skills have improved tenfold, but my product and UX skills have increased just as much.

It’s a sad day having to leave Hunted. In many respects it was the company I’ve always wanted to work for. Small, motivated, smart, agile, and most importantly, technically creative. Not many companies can claim to inspire their staff the way Hunted does; giving them the freedom to work on exciting projects, write code that will actually matter to people and do it in a way the engineer sees best.

As for now I am off to something else. It’s exciting, new, highly innovative but also a little top secret right now. Can’t wait to talk more about it!