October 2012

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The Newsroom

Note: After a few days in transit, unpacking etc. it’s back to normal (daily) viewing. So the other day I loaded my iPad with some new kick-ass content and started watching. I watched some popular programs and then I watched something I wouldn’t normally watch – a pseudo-political drama called The Newsroom. This show is Read More

Posted on October 11, 2012 by

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

One of the toughest things about working as a freelancer and/or in startups is that it’s risky. It seems obvious, but it certainly takes a certain type of person to be comfortable with the level of risk involved. You have to back yourself, your ideas, your colleagues and you have to have confidence that things Read More

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Forever Learning

One of the bonuses and also challenges of being a coder is that you’re often required to learn more and expand your knowledge. Even with a role as defined as mine I am still learning more and at the moment I have two challenges for the next few months to try and get my head Read More

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Talking About the Bad Stuff

(This part was written a while ago) Different people deal with things in different ways. Once back in high school I had great friend who dated a girl he didn’t care a lot about. He liked her just fine, but it was clear to everyone (including him) that he didn’t love her (whatever that means Read More

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Taking Time

Last night while I was kicking around the webs I clicked a YouTube link. It was referred by Reddit and seemed like a promising watch, but upon noticing that the video running time was 1:54 (1 minute, 54 seconds) I litereally hit the back button in my browser and kept clicking around. Now, I am Read More

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Alan Jones

A great quote . . . “[Alan Jones] does not have to dumb down for his audience… he has a sure instinct for what his mob wants to hear, delivered in that prissy shriek, raving like a lunatic fleeing a burning building. The man is a pedlar of fear and loathing, preying on the lowest Read More

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