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Going Digital

Going Digital

I’ve been reading comics since I was a kid. It was something I got into in a time in my life when I was just realizing that I wasn’t a sports playing jock like the rest of my family and in spite of feeling like a black sheep I was comfortable with my love of comics.

More recently as I start reading more comics I realize the pain in the butt my family had with storing my comics, and why (sadly) when I went away to uni they decided they’d had enough. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of comics went off to friends and family for grubby-handed kids to ruin and to never be appreciated again, and now my physical collection is starting from scratch, barely 100 issues.

But as I start buying more and more comics I start to realize that they are really hard to store, expensive as hell to buy in Australia, and even hard to track down the right issues. And with this realization I have done something I would rather not do and I have started purchasing issues on the iPad instead.

It’s not the same at all, it’s not. Part of the joy of reading comics is getting away from technology and work and losing myself in a great story, but from a practicality standpoint it’s something that fits much better with my lifestyle for now.