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Geek / Life Balance

“Geek/Life Balance” is a term I recently made up on the spot that should be obvious. It’s basically the nerd equivalent of “Work/Life Balance” but instead of extra bonuses, cash and promotions you get an ever extending comic book collection, XP and (sadly) a little tubby.

Easily the hardest thing about being a software engineer is the tax of the job on your body. In fact, to see the proof you only need to monitor my Facebook photos and watch as the job slowly taxes my body, a tax which stopped just recently as I put my foot down and started taking better care of myself.

The problem with being a geek is that you have a bunch of interests. A lot of these interests are quite intense. And (duh) a lot of these interests are based indoors. I often remind people that both sides of my family are very English and Irish and use it as a defense for my extremely white skin, but the truth is that I would much rather bust out some Xbox in the afternoon than go get sweaty and dirty (even though I do actually love that stuff).

Even worse than the tax on your body is the tax on your mind. It’s very easy to become quite introverted, especially when you’re geeky and single. I’m not the most extroverted person at the best of times (in spit of me being loud and confident), but when I don’t have the pressure of a partner reminding me I haven’t left the house in few days it can really stack up. In fact, it would be scarily easy to hide out for a week and not even worry.

So as a part of reclaiming my “Geek/Life Balance” I have begun running. 3 times a week, towards a goal of running 10km by the end of the year. On top of this I have a trip planned for a week back to Sydney (please, let’s not get into why I’m not there now) to be more social, see the people I should have been seeing these last months, and just have some fun away from technology.

And, most important, I am resolute in making myself a more rounded person!