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Making Grown-Up Friends

One of my fondest memories of my life is meeting my school boy best friend, Jeremy. You wouldn’t have known it when I met him, but Jeremy went on to be quite a great guy. But back when I met him he was more like me; geeky, casual, a little shy and unassuming, but still very awesome. He approached me in the schoolyard and simply pointed out that I was new, and then said, “wanna be friends with us?” Us referred to a group of guys, all kind of geeky and shy, and we became friends. Simple as that.

Jeremy and I held that friend ship longer than most. From the age of around 9 until around 19-20 it was a terrific friendship. We had so many ups and downs, but ultimately we got along great. The last 11 years we haven’t spoken much as our lives diverged, but I like to still believe in my heart it’s not because we don’t care about each other or that we’re not friends. In fact, Jeremy was a bit of a hero to me in school, and in some ways he still is.

One of the things you find as an adult is that it becomes harder to make friends. In 3rd grade it’s simply enough to ask, but as an adult we have criteria, expectations to live up to and things we’d like to gain from friendships. It can be really tough to make adult friends, these days I think it takes a kindred spirit to really make us take notice and start a friendship.

In the last few years especially I have found that I haven’t made a large quantity of friends, but the friends I have made have been truly amazing. I am really grateful for my grown-up friends and also the friends I’ve had for a long time that I hope to never lose.