Posted on September 25, 2012 by

The Startup Guy

One of the ways which I think a lot of people distinguish themselves is through their work. They carry around their job like a badge of honor, even if it’s not a job they love.

My parents are both blue collared workers and my father will tell you that he hates his work, but I’ve rarely seen anyone as passionate about what they do. He cares that he is good at his job, it matters to him that he is respected for it… and frankly, he likes reminding me that I “sit in front of a computer all day.” But honestly, I like to think he passed this trait on to me.

I guess the difference between me and most people is that I would rather identify myself as a startup guy. Someone who helps companies grow through not only my skills as a software engineer, but also my passion for product development, user experience and design. I really like to think that what I do makes a difference to people and that it matters.

During the last year of working with We Are Hunted I have explained to hundreds of people what it is we do. But there has also been countless times where people have known about the company and been super excited to tell me how much they enjoy the music chart and often give it praise.

So as the time nears for me to part ways with We Are Hunted and while my future is somewhat making sense to me so far, I do know that no matter what happens I’ll still be the startup guy.