Posted on September 24, 2012 by

The Return to Writing

For those who know me I have been blogging at bananas on toast since 2003. During my time blogging I have had times where I wrote a lot and times where I wrote a little, but continuing to blog at that old blog has gotten hard recently.

One of the things holding me back on my old blog was that the blog had a distinctive voice. It had a style that no longer represented how I like to write, which it made it really hard to keep going on with. So it was time for a new start.

So beginning today I’ve shelled out cash on a domain and a new spiffy WordPress theme (I really don’t have time to write them from scratch anymore) and I am going to start trying to write more, with the plan being to write a blog every day for the next twelve months. And in order to write more, I need to read more.