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Changing Habits

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’d know that I began working out at the gym a few weeks ago. As of yesterday I started a program which I have previously used successfully, and as of today I am only on day 2. But, the good news is, I feel great.

After my holiday late last year to Thailand I returned with some photos of a variety of activities. Most of the photos were pretty standard holiday shots, but one particular shot showed me looking rather ravaged from the last 12 months of not exercising. It was time for a change.

The hardest part about a diet and workout program isn’t the food – if you find that’s the case I suggest you find a better program with a better focus on food. It’s also not the workouts – you can start anywhere and as long as you do the work you’ll see results.

It’s the habits.

The hardest thing about any change in life is starting new habits, reinforcing them daily, and ensuring that you don’t change them and make them easier on yourself. I’ve done it before, I plan to do it again, and I hope this time to keep them indefinitely.

So, here are some of the habits I plan on creating over the coming weeks:

  • Out of bed early each day, no later than 7am,
  • Less coffee, one coffee per day,
  • More water, ensuring I get 3L a day,
  • 4 gym sessions per week. But likewise, make the most of enjoying rest days, and;
  • A return to cycling when the weather cools.

Many of these habits are quite simple. The water and cycling are super easy changes since they’re things I enjoy anyway. Getting out of bed can be tough – working from home means I can wake up minutes before work starts, so making sure I don’t is important. And the gym sessions are hard, but I’ve been warming up to it the last few weeks and I am finally well into my program.

So here I am on Day 2, I’ve just had my daily coffee and I’ve already drank 1L of water. I am dressed in my gym gear, I’ve put my workouts into Fitocracy, and I ready to roll!

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You’re giving up your freedom without realising it!

Let’s just remember what my homie Benny Franklin once said:

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

And another great old boy, Thomas Jefferson:

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

We’re giving governments the right to snoop on us. We’re installing Facebook apps to do the same even after it’s been reported they give data to governments. And all the while people are happy because there is some unknown threat of possible terrorism we’re all being kept safe from.

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Vote for Swarmmer

As some of you may or may not know, me and some awesome talented guys have been working out butts off on a startup, Swarmmer, and next week we’re headed to The Next Web‘s European conference in Amsterdam.

What we’re building is an innovative way to find and listen to new music. This means we’re going to show you awesome tracks and artists to listen to and very soon we’ll unveil our iOS app and allow you to try it out.

For now, what we really need is some votes to get us onto the main stage. Out of 90 startups heading to the conference, 10 will be chosen to present on the main stage and we really want to be one of these.

Please vote for Swarmmer, if you use your Facebook or Twitter accounts it takes less than 30 seconds and it will really help us get the coverage we’re hoping to get at the conference.


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Bill Nye debates Ken Ham: Bing Bang vs Creationism

(Note: Skip to 12-13m mark for the start)

One thing to remember when watching this debate is that it’s not science vs. religion, it’s big bang theory vs. creationism. There are plenty of Christians who don’t subscribe to creationism and plenty of scientists who believe in it.

Having said that, Ken Ham is a nutjob. I would have to say his weakest argument in the entire debate went something like this.

  1. There have been dinosaurs found with brain tumors.
  2. “We know” that man caused everything bad with original sin.
  3. Therefor, we must conclude that dinosaurs existed after original sin.

So, to sum up, we know creationism has to be true since the bible which describes the very thing we’re trying to debate is assumed to be true. Uh, Ken… No! Just no…

Che Guevara
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New Years Revolutions

Firstly, no grief over the title, it’s meant to be revolutions…

So 2013 rocked and I achieved a lot, but I also failed a lot. I got motivated and lost a ton of weight, then put some back on. My work to benefit ratio was far too high and there were some lessons learned.

So to ensure 2014 is a better year, here are my New Years Revolutions!


  1. Make more time to do the things I love. This means sleeping early enough to get up before work and have time with Steph and also making time for games and gaming.
  2. Read 5 good books. I have never been a huge reader unless the book is a textbook, but this year I am going to read 5 good books. This does not include re-reading anything, graphic novels or other comics.
  3. Removing bad language from my vocabulary as much as possible. I feel like some days I swear a bit much and I want to be a more positive influence on my niece and others.


  1. Sort out a standard freelance contract, stick to it and enforce it.
  2. Work to a standard set of weekly hours, work hard in those hours and try my best not to go over them to ensure I have time for other projects.
  3. Finish Secret Project #1™ and Secret Project #2™.

Health & Fitness

  1. Engineering the Alpha – restart this program and finish it. All 16 weeks, but possibly a bit longer to make time for longer cuts.
  2. Gym – pure and simple, this is a minimum of twice a week, with an optimum of 4 times a week.
  3. Beer – beer is out of limits for 2014 with the only exception that when I am in a bar in a social situation (which is rare) I will have a couple.
  4. Food – cheat days only as permitted by point 1 and only a few exceptions out of this.
  5. Alcohol – generally dropping my alcohol intake. It was good, it’s been a little worse during silly season, but I want to lower this substantially.
  6. Sugar – limit my soda to very rare occasions and drop it almost entirely from my diet, same goes with energy drinks which I can be far too find of..
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Renetworking the house, Day 1

Day 1 of renetworking the house was a huge success. My friend Rob from Advanced Antennas came over and we kicked off the cabling at 7am to avoid the heat and ran power and network until the early evening. We managed to do all of the roof and under floor work and most of the patching leaving just a small amount to do.

So essentially I have a server cabinet in my office with a ton of cable running through it, everything else is patched except for the bedroom, and a super fast network that is almost good to go. I can’t wait until the last little bit gets done.

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Renetworking the house

Been having some pretty intense issues with networking at our house and the reason is obvious: way too many WiFi devices, an old house full of interference, and expectations that are way too high (mine). Apple TV rarely manages to stream a TV show or movie without an issue, network transfers are slow and generally it’s just painful.

A quick inventory for those questioning the too many WiFi devices…

  1. MacBook Pro
  2. MacBook Air
  3. Windows Laptop
  4. iPad
  5. iPad Mini
  6. iPod Touch (occasionally)
  7. iPhone 5
  8. iPhone 4s
  9. Apple TV x 2
  10. Xbox 360
  11. Nintendo Wii
  12. Playstation Vita
  13. Nintendo 3DS
  14. Raspberry Pi
  15. Sony TV

And this doesn’t consider transient devices coming in and out of the house. In fact, most of this stuff gets used on a daily (hourly, some days) basis. And while WiFi routers are specced to handle more devices than this, there is still a lot of congestion and there are regular issues.

So last week I did some shopping and I wait eagerly for my parts to arrive. The network is going to be decked out with a Gigabit router, CAT6 under floor cabling, professional quality wall plating, the whole deal. In fact, here is the shopping list from last week.

  • Netgear GS116 16 Port Gigabit Switch
  • 6 RU Wall Mount Network Cabinet
  • 15 x 2m Cat 6 Network Cables
  • 15 x 25cm Cat 6 Network Cables
  • 305m Cat 6 LAN Cable
  • 24 Port Patch Panel
  • Wall plaers and jacks
  • Crimps

I am jumping out of my skin for it all to arrive and I will be documenting the build process with photos.

Ironically, the network dropped out while I was writing this…

Photo credit (Creative Commons).

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